Addis Yeewuket Minch Primary School 

Mercy Charitable Program is focused on helping children through direct support and education. Our goal is to develop a foundation for children to support their social skills and motor skills. Currently, we are focusing on providing support within Ethiopia through a school that provides education and nutrition to 200 children in need in Arada, Ethiopia.

Over 200 students rely on the support of the Mercy Charitable Program. Together, with your help and donations, we can create a positive change and new opportunities for the children of Ethiopia.

Mercy Charitable Program (MCP) was founded in 2016 by the Regehr family with the means of helping children in Ethiopia. It acts as the primary mode of financial support to Tirzah Children and Community Association, a local not-for-profit. This partnership provides a channel of support and security to these children.

MCP is committed to working with children in Ethiopia to provide education and nutrition. We believe it is necessary to eliminate economical and socio-cultural barriers to ensure that our students grow, learn and thrive.