In 2016, the Regehr family was blessed to be introduced to Tirzah Children and Community Development Association (an Ethiopian NGO). Since then, the Regehr’s have been the main providers of financial support to Tirzah as it executes its mission to helping the children of Ethiopia.

Tirzah has had tremendous success in providing food to children in need and assisting families in becoming self-sufficient through the purchase of livestock to be used as food and revenue. Through conversations with local government officials and the leader of Tirzah, it was concluded that the best next step would be to open a school for children in the community to provide both education and nutrition.

In 2018, Mercy Charitable began a joint venture with Tirzah. Through this venture, a school was acquired and renovated. In September 2018, a school for 200 children was opened.


The school is free to attend and provides a full-year nutrition program for the students. Student selection gives preference to double orphans, then orphans, then fills the remaining vacancies via advisement from the local Women’s and Children’s affair office that focus on selecting children that do not have the financial means to pursue an education. Additionally, the school generates numerous jobs in the communities such as: teachers, cooks, guards, and administrative staff.