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Every donation matters. All proceeds from your donation go to each of the following factors. One donation can go a long way! 


Every donation helps sponsor a child in our school. This donation assists in providing over 200 students in Ethiopia with access to an education as well as a full year nutrition program. With your help, we can ensure that our students are equipped with the necessities to grow and learn.


Every donation helps with the funding of the Addis Yeewuket Minch Primary School. With this we are able to provide books, stationary, desks as well as other equipment to provide the best learning facility possible. Your contributions allow us to ensure that our school is supplied with the proper tools for a safe and secure environment.


It does not matter how big or small your donation may be, which is why every little bit counts. Please help us in growing this project and starting our new venture of our nutrition program. 



Every donation helps with sponsoring our full year nutrition program. Our students’ health is one of our primary areas of focus. Through this program, we provide students with meals throughout their time at school along with receiving a meal each day over the weekend. With your donations, we are one step closer to creating a healthy community.


We truly appreciate all your donations! We also encourage you and your corporation to continue to contribute on a monthly basis. The constant support that we receive, will allow our school and students to receive all the tools needed to succeed and grow on a regular basis. 

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